• Capable of responding to an emergency situation with a vast assortment of miscellaneous iron working tools and equipment maintained in house
  • Experts in developing site specific OSHA compliant access platforms.
  • Self-perform the production of shop drawings and erection plans.
  • Extensive knowledge in the requirements for repairing impact damaged girders.
  • Welding expertise including all position full penetration welds
  • Hundreds of structural lifts performed to date.
  • Applications include pin and hanger, rocker link and bearing replacement; as well as many other repairs requiring structural shoring.
  • Self-perform the design, fabrication and installation of structural lifts or shoring systems.
  • Certified AAMP QP1, Field Application of Coatings Complex Structures.
  • Certified AMPP QP2, Industrial Hazardous Paint Removal.
  • Design, fabricate and install containment systems as required for the work.
  • Experience in abrasive blasting or mechanical removal of coatings.
  • Paint application includes spray and/or brush and roll.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in the removal and replacement of suspender ropes and cable band assemblies.
  • We design, fabricate and install structural lifts as required for the work.
  • Over 350 Suspender ropes have been successfully removed and replaced under our guidance.
  • Capabilities to access, unwrap, wedge, inspect, wire splice, compact and rewrap suspension bridge main cables.
  • Past experience includes the application of Noxyde or Hypalon finish coat systems.
  • Over 15,000 linear feet of main cable investigation work done to date.
Misc. Construction
  • Concrete demolition and placement for bridge bearing pedestals, expansion joints, sidewalks or road decks.
  • Installation of precast concrete sidewalk panels and ornamental railings.
  • Bridge bearing restoration and/or replacement.
  • Timber bridge decking and curbs.
  • Suspension Bridge Tower American Flag support and deployment system.
  • Installation of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) structures.

PSCC has been in business since 1979; we are the top experts in the rehabilitation of major steel bridges throughout the Northeast.